HVAC Service, Installation, and repair St Clair Shores MI

HVAC Service, Installation, and repair St Clair Shores MI


AC And Furnace Repair From Your Heating & Cooling Experts!

Tru-Air Heating & Cooling strives to make live easier. We offer commercial and residential installation, repair, and upkeep of heating, cooling, and air quality systems.

From furnaces, to air conditioners, HVAC, water heater tanks (and tankless hot water heaters), Tru-Air does it all! Our highly trained team of experienced and experienced techs will meet your needs with honest service that wont break the bank.

HVAC Service, Installation, and repair St Clair Shores MI

Our top notch workmanship, combined with our experience and ability to deliver the most effective and efficient strategies will ensure that you have a sustainable solution to all of your heating and cooling needs.

Let Tru-Air Heating and Cooling help keep your monthly costs low, while maximizing your heating and cooling effectiveness. We are metro Detroit’s best choice for heating and cooling, HVAC service, installation and repair!

Water Heater Installation and Repair

We do water heater and tankless water heater repair, service, and installation! Give us a call today to see if going tankless is right for you!

Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Having a great indoor air quality ensures that your family stays healthy. Call us for air duct cleaning, and let us properly clean your air ducts with specialized tools, equipment, and antimicrobials. Our work is honest, and our prices are fair.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Professionals

When is the last time you actually cleaned your dryer vent? Not the lint trap, the actual vent on the back side! We’re willing to bet it’s been quite a while. However, not only does a clogged dryer vent inhibit dryer performance, it’s also a huge fire hazard!

Most people don’t understand that their clogged dryer vent is an energy hog as well as a fire waiting to happen. Furthermore, if you have a flex pipe on your dryer, debris is easily caught in the grooves, causing build up over time.

Did you know the safest and most efficient way to vent your dryer is with a straight pipe? Tru-Air has licensed professionals that can replace your old clogged flex pipes, and ensure that your dryer is clean and efficient. You’ll also sleep better knowing that you don’t have a potential fire in the wake.

Make sure you call Tru-Air for any HVAC Service, Installation, and repair St Clair Shores MI!

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Air Conditioning Services

Wheter it’s service, repair, or installation of Air Conditioning systems, Tru-Air has got you covered!

Heating Services

Tru-Air offers heating service, repair, and even full installations. Don’t get caught in the dead of winter with a faulty furnace!

Plumbing Services

We specialize in the installation, repair, and service of all makes and models of water tanks as well as tankless water heaters.

Indoor Air Quality

Having bad indoor air quality can adversely affect the health of your family. Let Tru-Air diagnose and treat your air to keep you and your family safe!

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